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Fable is a modular robot that students can build in seconds and start programming movements of the robot in minutes.

STEAM stand for Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our STEAM Lab gives the students experience with solving real-life problems thru new technologies.

Blockly, is our Scratch-based programming interface that gives the children the opportunity to learn how to code along with the Fable robot.

The Fable Face is the app that brings Fable to life. Connect it with the robot and the eyes can show different emotions and will let you code emotions and get creative.

Seeing the immediate results of their coding actions, students want to continually develop their skills to build even more complicated robots.

On our Teacher Zone platform you can find a collection of high-quality, time-saving educational content for all your students.

Shape Robotics are suited to learn students from scratch all the way to advanced grade levels. From primary school up to the university.

The robust modules are easily connected with one click and designed to withstand everyday life in schools.