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Depending on your platform, the requirements may vary. Windows 7, 8 or 8.1:You need to download and install the drivers for Fable Hub. Check the “How do I install the Fable Hub driver? (Windows 7 & 8)” topic in the Troubleshooting section of this FAQ. Chromebook:Requires the Play Store to be enabled on the device. […]

Fable BlocklyCamera – You can use an inbuilt laptop webcam or a USB camera. Used to stream video, snap pictures, detect motion and color.Keyboard – The Fable system can use any keyboard. The keyboard use ranges from regular typing to using specific keys to trigger a specific behavior. For example, one can use the arrow […]

Fable BlocklyWindows 7, 8, 8.1 – 64-bit systems only. Additionally, you need to download and install the drivers for Fable Hub. Check the “What are the requirements to run Fable Blockly on my device?” for more information.Windows 10Mac OS X – Yosemite and newer.iPad – requires iOS 10.0 and newer.Chromebook – requires the device to be Android-compatible. Check the […]

The majority of features in Fable Blockly are supported across all platforms. The following is a list of feature differences: Connecting a Fable Hub – through a USB cable on Windows/Mac, through Bluetooth on Chromebook/iPad. Bluetooth is slightly slower, so expect a small delay if you’re attempting to execute something extremely time-sensitive.Camera – not available on Chromebook/iPad.Fable […]

Across all devices, you can currently use three different frameworks to program: Blockly – A powerful block-based programming editor. It is extremely versatile and perfect for beginners, since it requires no coding skills to select one of the available blocks and just run it inside the app. An advanced version is also available for more experienced […]

Some of the features on both Fable Blockly and Fable Face require special permissions. The following is a detailed list of those permissions and the reasoning for needing them: Location – Both apps require Bluetooth to connect to a Fable Hub. On Android 6.0 and newer, the Location permission needs to be granted before the device […]

Step 1:Install the Fable Face app from the app store (for Android or iPhone).Step 2:Connect the Fable Hub to a PC or laptop.Step 3:Activate Bluetooth on your phone.Step 4:Start the Fable Face app.Step 5:The Fable Face app should now find your Hub. Select your Hub by ID and tap connect.Step 6:Once the Face App connects […]

Importing projects in Fable Blockly is extremely easy! Windows/MacTap the file icon at the top left, then select the open project option. A file selection screen will open and all you have to do is find the project and open it. ChromebookSelect the Open Project option. Then select the Import Project option. The Storage permission […]

Yes, in most cases you will not meet any problems when opening projects. If the project was saved using an old version of Fable Blockly, there is a small chance some of the blocks have changed. Our app will try its best to update the old blocks to their new counterparts. If the project was […]

In your Documents folder, search for a folder called “Fable”. Inside it, there should be another folder called “My Fable Sounds”. Place your sound files in that folder. After doing so, the sounds should show up as options of the “play custom sound” block. If one of both of the folders are missing, just create them manually. […]