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In case you are using Windows 7 & 8 you will need a driver for the Fable Hub. Follow this video tutorial or the steps below to install the driver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF9ibh-Lw4A&t=1s Step 1: Windows will alert you that the driver is not installed. Once this happens, download the driver from our download page and unzip in a […]

Symptoms: Fable Hub is not detected by the computer/software. The issue can be confirmed by inspecting the status window in the PC software. Possible issues and suggested solutions: You are running Fable Blockly on an iPad or Chromebook – check the “My device is unable to find a Fable Hub when searching (Fable Face, Fable Blockly on […]

On those two systems, plugging in the Fable Hub is only the first step to using it. You also need to manually connect to the Hub via Bluetooth. Tap the Fable Hub icon at the top right corner. This will take you to the connection screen where you’ll be able to connect. You need to […]

Symptoms: Sometimes the operating system will “disable” the device due for various reasons. This will cause the dongle to show up as “Not Connected” in the interface: Suggested solution: Windows (re-enable in Device Manager):https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-fix-code-22-errors-2619234 Mac (SMC reset):http://osxdaily.com/2015/08/09/mac-usb-ports-not-working-fix/

Symptoms: The module does not show up with its ID in the graphical user interface. Possible issues and suggested solutions: The Fable Hub is not connected – see FAQ. The module is not on. Even if it has a color it may be charging while turned off. Press the module’s button to see if the color changes, […]

Possible issues and suggested solutions: A motor on the module has been overloaded, i.e. commanded to perform a movement which it does not have the strength to perform. To solve: Try to modify program and/or robot configuration to avoid damaging the motor. A motor has overheated: Let motor cool down.

Chromebook/iPadEnsure that you have at least one voice pack installed, preferably one for every language you intend to use. This can be done from the system settings of the device. Windows/MacThe speak feature requires internet. Please ensure your internet connection is stable. Generally, the speech module requires some time to activate the first time it’s […]

Fable Face cannot be used with Fable Blockly on Chromebook and iPad.The reasoning is that both need Bluetooth to connect to the Fable Hub, only one can be connected to it at a time.