How to connect the Face app with the Dongle

Step 1: 

Install the Fable Face app from the app store (for Android or iPhone).

Step 2: 

Insert Fable dongle in a PC so that it lights up in a color. 

Step 3: 

Start the Fable Face app (first, make sure Bluetooth is turned on).

Step 4: 

The Fable Face app should now find your Dongle and other nearby Bluetooth devices. If several Fable Dongles are found, you can check which one is yours on the ID sticker on the back of your dongle. Here the dongle has ID L5A, press the Button marked FableDongleL5A to connect.


Step 5:

If the Face App connects successfully to the Dongle the app will now show a set of eyes which can be programmed using the programming software.  


Sometimes there are issues with the Fable Face App, for example the app cannot find any bluetooth devices or it will not connect to the dongle. If you experience such problems please try the following:

  • Close and restart the app 
  • Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on shortly after
  • Remove power from the dongle and turn it back on
  • Make sure you have the newest version of the App

 If the problems persist please contact us on and let us know which Phone model and version of operating system you are using. 

Last update on 2018-03-27 by David Johan Christensen.

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