Which sensors/inputs do Fable have?

At the moment we have the following sensors / inputs included in the Fable system:

Camera - Can be used to detect objects based on color and motion. You can either use the camera built into the computer or connect a USB camera.

Keys - By pressing a key on the computer keyboard you can enable different code tricks or behavior in the robot.

Microphone - Measures the sound using the computer built-in microphone. This is an average value of volume that can be used, for example, to activate particular behavior when the sound reaches a certain level.

Accelerometer - By using our Fable Face App on a smartphone, you can access measurements of the phone's accelerations. Gravitation will often be dominant acceleration and therefore allows you to measure the relative angle of the phone.

Motor Angle - The joint module is capable of measuring its own angle of both motors. This is done with a precision of 0.29 degrees and in the range of +90 to -90 degrees. For example, manually turning the module can be used as a remote control. Ps Avoid twisting in the module when it tries to move to a certain angle.

Motor Speed ​​– that the joint module is currently moving with. Speed is a value derived from the measured angle and therefore less precise. Works both when the module is moved manually and when it is moving itself.

Motor Torque – that the joint module is currently using to move the module (torque/power). Note that the motors does not have a separate torque sensor, instead this value is derived from the internal duty cycle of motor pulse-width modulation.

Battery level - on the joint module can be continuously measured from the Blockly or Python program.

Time - since the program was started can be read and used for example in mathematical formulas that control the robot.


Last update on 2017-09-05 by David Johan Christensen.

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