Why is my Dongle not found/connected?

Symptoms: The Dongle is not detected by the computer/software. The issue can be confirmed by inspecting the status window in the PC software.

Possible issues and suggested solutions:

  • Dongle is frozen - plug out and back in the Dongle from the USB port.
  • Port is frozen - restart the computer
  • Dongle disabled by operating system - See How to enable a disabled Dongle?.
  • Operating system is not supported - check list of supported OS.
  • Driver not installed (Windows 7 & 8) - install driver and inspect Device Manager to verify. See How to install the Dongle driver? (Windows 7 & 8).
  • USB Cable broken - replace cable
  • Dongle broken - contact Shape Robotics

Last update on 2017-09-05 by David Johan Christensen.

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