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Country Name Website Contact
Belgium RATO Education Website
Denmark Atea Webshop
Denmark Frederiksen Website
Denmark PodConsult Webshop
Denmark Skolebutik Webshop
Finland Hands-on Science Website
Norway Atea Website
Norway Daisy AS Website
Norway Frederiksen Website
Norway Elastisk AS Website
Poland Ednologia Website
Sweden Atea Website
Sweden Exertis Captech (Distributor) Website
Sweden Hands-on Science Website
The Netherlands De Rolf Groep Website


Country Name Website Contact
Australia Roborium Website
Bangladesh Roborium Website
Bhutan Roborium Website
Cambodia Roborium Website
China Roborium Website
Hong Kong Roborium Website
India Roborium Website>
Malaysia Roborium Website
Nepal Roborium Website
New Zealand Roborium Website
Pakistan Roborium Website
Singapore Roborium Website
Vietnam Roborium Website


Country Name Website Contact
All countries in Africa Atea Website
All countries in Africa Frederiksen Website

Middle East

Country Name Website Contact
Lebanon Frederiksen Website
Jordan Frederiksen Website
Israel Frederiksen Website
Iran Frederiksen Website
Iraq Frederiksen Website
Syria Frederiksen Website
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