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Please check if we have resellers in your country. If we do, please contact our partners to order Fable.

If we do not have a reseller in your country, you are welcome to buy directly from us, using our webshop.

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The Fable Class Set includes:

The Fable Class Set allows 10-30 users in 1-10 groups to build and program advanced robots. The Class Set contains all these elements:10 x wireless programming dongles

  • 10 x Joint module with two strong servo motors
  • 10 x Dongle for wireless programming
  • 10 x Lego connector module
  • 10 x 4XY building module
  • 10 x Connector module for 3D-printed parts
  • 10 x Laser pointer
  • 10 x Box with base stand
  • 5 x Smart phone holder (for The Fable Face App)
  • 2 x Desk charging station
  • Free access to our online learning platform
  • Telephone support all weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM (GMT+1)

The Fable Class Set is an ideal start point for your teaching on robots, whether your class is 8 or 18 years old.

Divide your class into up to ten groups and let them work with robot arms, throwing robots, walking robots and much more.

The Class Set includes access to our learning portal, with a wealth of ideas and teaching materials, all ready to use with your class.

As Fable is 100% modular, it’s always possible to upgrade or extend your system with new modules.

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