Innovation with Fable

1: Idea

In the idea phase, pupils start with either a real-life problem or a specific learning objective, e.g. in physics or maths. The first type of assignment could be a technical aid for the elderly. The second type of assignment could be to demonstrate Pythagorus’ theorum.

2: Build and program

In the building phase, pupils make a prototype of their solution. Pupils can use Fable to test quickly different solutions by rebuilding and programming robots. The system can easily be extended and combined with other components such as 3D-printed parts that can be easily clicked into place on the relevant build modules.

3: Test

Pupils evaluate their prototypes in the test phase. This could be with users or through systematic functional tests. During the process, pupils achieve a better understanding of the requirements for their solution. Pupils often find possible improvements for their ideas and prototypes, and they can implement these by following an iterative methodology.

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