Learning with Fable’s robots


Fable is an open-ended system with advanced functionality. Fable encourages pupils to be both creative and innovative as they build robot prototypes to meet needs in the real world.


Robots are best controlled by applying mathematics. Topics such as angles, percentages, functions and much more are brought to life and become fun when pupils work with Fable.


Fable contains motors and accurate sensors that can be used in physics experiments on forces and motion, for example. Data can be logged and then analysed.


Robots have to be programmed to do something. It’s easy for pupils to start programming using a simple blocks-based language. Moving on to textual language, the sky’s the limit for what an experienced pupil can do.


Biology and technology fuse together with Fable. Pupils can experiment with biology-inspired robots like walking or hovering/swarming robots. The robot becomes a model of the biology.

Fable is a modular robot construction set, it can be used across subjects and classes, and it helps pupils gain the skills they’ll need in the 21st century.

— David Johan Christensen
CEO, Shape Robotics


We have collected a selection of experiments and lessons that can be used with Fable.

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