Control Fable using the keyboard


Introduction to the Fable Blockly software and the Fable robot's basic movement functions.

Pupils develop confidence to programme the Fable robot.


To get started with this learning process, the teacher is expected to have the following resources ready prior to teaching.

  • Fable robots (including the LEGO module)
  • Laptops with the Fable software installed
  • LEGO bricks

Teaching assignments

Pupils are split into groups of 2-3, depending on the number of pupils and the number of robots available.

Some knowledge of block programming, from either or Scratch would be an advantage.

An added advantage would be if pupils have previously worked with concepts such as:

  • 'Logic' or conditions: If/then and If/else


Try using a "Makey Makey" and let the pupils use plasticine, fruit or similar as "buttons" instead of arrow keys. See more on

Subject: Math and science

Grade: 5

Duration: 2 - 4 lessons


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