Welding robot


Students will develop a welding robot that is able to carry out a specific welding task consisting of several different interconnected geometrical figures.


To get started with this project, the teacher should have the following tools ready prior to class:

  • Fable joint module
  • Laser pointer
  • Multi holder
  • Module stand (Fable set lid)
  • Passive connector modules
  • Welding task (task sheet in A3 size)

Learning activities

Students receive the welding task they must solve by programming the joint module to trace the lines with a laser pointer. The assignment is divided into a number of sub-tasks that the students must solve first. At the end, they combine all sub-tasks to form a complete solution to the welding task.

Before the students get started, it may be helpful to devise a standard setup that they can use in the group work. One solution could be to mount the joint module on the module stand (the lid of the Fable robot). The module can be suspended between two chairs so that it points down towards the floor, where the drawing of the welding task is fixated. It can also be left up to the students themselves to find a viable solution, as is proposed in the assignment.


Class evaluation where students present their results. Here, it is important that each group highlights a few parts of the assignment that they found particularly challenging.

In addition, students complete a self-evaluation form. This evaluation is intended for the students’ own use but can also be used by the teacher in connection with future lessons.

Subject & grade: K9 - K12 - vocational school

Duration: 4 lessons (4 x 45 minutes)

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