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The all-new Mobile STEAM Lab

With our all-new Mobile STEAM Lab, schools no longer need to reserve an entire room to teach STEAM education at the highest level. With the complete Mobile STEAM Lab, teachers can teach STEAM in any classroom at any time.


Brings innovative technologies and hands-on learning experiences directly to classrooms, enabling students from all backgrounds to access cutting-edge resources and opportunities.


Centralized charging in the Mobile Cart reduces the risk of tangled cords, trip hazards, and electrical mishaps, creating a safer learning environment for students and educators.


Meets diverse learning needs and curriculum requirements, adapting to various subjects and age groups for a dynamic and engaging education.


By incorporating advanced tools, the mobile lab equips students with essential 21st-century skills, preparing them for success in an increasingly tech-driven world.


Offers equal access to enriching educational experiences, promoting inclusivity and diversity in learning.

Included Products

Flip Pro WMB 85

The “Flip Pro WMB 85” Interactive Display is a must-have interactive display for any classroom. The large, high-resolution screen allows teachers to display high-quality text, images and videos, providing students with a better visual learning experience.

The Catch Box

The Catch Box is an innovative, soft, cube-shaped microphone that students can toss to each other. Users can connect the microphone to existing audio systems or use it as a stand-alone device.

Fable - Shape Robotics

Fable is a modular educational robotic system designed to introduce students to programming concepts in a hands-on, interactive manner. It is assembled in just a few seconds, with the rest of the time being used by students to program in Blockly, Python or JavaScript.

Lenovo T14

The T 14 is a laptop known for its ruggedness, performance and durability. Its advanced specifications, such as fast processors, ample memory and storage options, allow it to run complex applications and handle demanding academic tasks.


Class VR is the most awarded VR/AR solution in education worldwide. The kit contains eight headsets that can be loaded simultaneously. Class VR has a dedicated platform that allows complete control of the real-time content running on each headset.

Lenovo ThinkBook 16 gen 6 IRL

The Lenovo ThinkBook 16 gen 6 IRL is a versatile laptop suitable for various educational purposes, including coursework, multimedia content consumption, collaboration, programming, research, mobility, productivity, and virtual learning environments.

ThinkSmart Core + Controller Kit

ThinkSmart Core + Controller Kit for Microsoft Teams is a computing device built on the Intel vPro® platform and certified for Microsoft Teams, a Controller display, Premier Support, and ThinkSmart Manager Premium software for remote manageability and deployment.

ThinkSmart Bar

The ThinkSmart Bar has four stereo speakers, delivering lifelike clarity at up to 97dB intensity. Its four built-in beamforming microphones create an immersive meeting room or home office audio experience.

ThinkSmart Cam

The ThinkSmart Cam makes meeting rooms immersive and productive during video conferences. It makes everyone feel like they are sitting in the same room, active speaker tracking auto-zoom, auto-framing, and whiteboard detection.

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