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Can I open projects that were saved on a different system?

Yes, in most cases you will not meet any problems when opening projects.

If the project was saved using an old version of Fable Blockly, there is a small chance some of the blocks have changed. Our app will try its best to update the old blocks to their new counterparts.

If the project was saved using the newest version of Fable Blockly and opened on an old version, there is a chance the project doesn’t open at all. This depends on the blocks that were used in the project.

If you save a project on a Windows, you can open it on a Mac without any issues, and vice-versa.

On Chromebooks, there are several features from PCs that are not yet supported. The project will open, but will alert you which sections of the project are not supported. Projects from other Chromebooks will have

On iPads, the ability to open projects from other systems or devices is not yet supported.