Easy to program

User-friendly programming tools are a crucial part of Fable.

The design of the programming tools means you can differentiate teaching, and this helps pupils to gradually progress from the simple, visual programming language to a more powerful, textual language. Today, we support the Blockly visual programming language, which provides an easy-to-understand introduction to programming, and the Python textual language.


We want to support as many of the technologies applied in the education sector as possible, and the ‘bring-your-own-device’ approach.

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX
  • Data processing with MS Excel, Google docs and Open office

Four simple steps, and you’re off

Put the USB dongle in your computers

Download and install the program from www.shaperobotics.com

Click on the dongle and the movement module until they are the same colour

Start the program and use your mouse to combine programming blocks like a jigsaw puzzle. Run the program. Now your computer will emit a sound and Fable will move as you have requested.

The programming interface

Using a USB dongle, the pupils program their Fable robots wirelessly on an interface running on their own PCs.

The interface is divided into different levels depending on the pupils’ level of competence, from very simple visual programming with Blockly, over more advanced visual Blockly programming, to powerful textual programming with Python. It’s also possible to perform simple data processing on the interface with graphs,, or to log data to files for later processing, e.g. in MS Excel.

Fable app on the way

We’re developing apps that will make it even easier and more exciting to program Fable robots.

The first app is a visual programming interface for tablets that makes the system more accessible. The second app is an interactive robot application for smartphones that enables pupils to build robots that are interactive ‘social’ individuals and experiment with algorithms to control and visualise eyes, activate sounds, take pictures with a camera and much more. We will be launching our Ipad APP late spring 2018. We received support from the Danish Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality, the Danish Ministry of Finance, and Local Government Denmark.

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