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Distributed STEAM Products

Through new technologies, the Steam Lab offers students a stimulating and open learning environment to help them navigate in a digital world. Along with our Steam Lab, we can distribute over 50 components to maximise your classroom’s potential with a student-centred learning space. The products have been carefully selected for their educational value and durability, see some of the products that we distribute below.

Intelligent educational robotic solutions that can be used in all lessons and subjects. Fable Explore and Fable Go consist of many accessories that can be attached to the robot along with other 3D-printed components. Build various functionalities and code movements of the robot.
The perfect screen solutions for video conferences, classroom management and lessons. AI-based features provide a more convenient way to communicate and collaborate in classrooms. Easy content browsing and protection along with accurate visuals and powerful performance.
Class VR
Class VR is the most awarded virtual and augmented reality glasses. The glasses are used in schools and universities around the world. The VR headsets are loaded and stored in trolley sets of 4 or 8 headsets, which is why they can be easily moved from class to classroom.
Reliable printers with welded steel frame, double reinforced structure and robust aluminium profiles. Along with a friendly interface that is easy for users to learn and use, it is capable of a resolution of 50 microns/layer providing excellent print quality for all printed components needed in schools. 

We build and install tailor-made solutions for your classroom with ready-to-teach content that integrates the educational technologies to an excellent learning experience for your students. Our educational consultants are experts and are ready to help you implement the perfect STEAM Lab for your school, ready to be used from day one.



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