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Technical Support

Product information

What are the requirements to run Fable Blockly on my device?
Which sensors/inputs does Fable have?
What are the supported platforms?
What are the differences in Fable Blockly for different platforms?
What programming languages can I use to program my Fable robot?
What permissions do I need to grant to the apps?
How do I connect Fable Face with Fable Hub?
How do I import project files?
Can I open projects that were saved on a different system?
How do I import custom sounds?

Trouble shooting

How do I install the Fable Hub driver? (Windows 7 & 8)
Why is my Fable Hub not found/connected?
My device is unable to find a Fable Hub when searching
How do I enable a disabled Fable Hub?
Why is my Joint/Spin module not found? (overload)
Why is my module blinking red and stopping?
The speak block doesn’t produce speech
I can’t connect Fable Face to my Chromebook / Ipad

Firmware shooting

No module or Hub connected
Set device to update mode
DFU Programmer not found
Driver installer not found
Firmware files not found
An error occurred while updating
Fable drivers not installed