The story behind Fable

The Fable story starts in 2011 at the Technical University of Denmark just outside Copenhagen.

Moises Pacheco started his collaboration with David Johan Christensen, an associate professor and robot researcher.

The inspiration

Moises and David shared the same vision: To develop a robot system, extremely easy-to-use, even for younger school pupils. The two developers were inspired by previous projects with modular robots that could repair themselves, as well as a project they had in progress with LEGO® to develop new digital products. The project became Moises’ Ph.D. project, and as the years passed interest in using Fable grew ever greater. Therefore, at the end of 2015, David, Moises and Helene Christensen, a project manager, set up the spin-out company Shape Robotics. Their mission is to make Fable as widely available as possible, and with funding from the Technical University of Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Education, they are well on the way.

Tested at Danish schools

Fable is being tested on hundreds of pupils in many different contexts at Danish schools and associations, including Antvorskov Skole, Trekronerskolen, Coding Pirates and H.C. Ørsted Gymnasiet.

The research community behind Fable

The Technical University of Denmark is Denmark’s largest and leading environment for training engineers and for technical-science research. The Center for Playware is a globally leading research centre, working at the interface between play, learning, robot technology and artificial intelligence.

Fable’s friends and partners

A close collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, and the Center for Undervisningsmidler (centre for teaching aids) at University College Absalon has ensured that Fable meets all the the Danish education sector’s needs and requirements.

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