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What permissions do I need to grant to the apps?

Some of the features on both Fable Blockly and Fable Face require special permissions. The following is a detailed list of those permissions and the reasoning for needing them:

Location – Both apps require Bluetooth to connect to a Fable Hub. On Android 6.0 and newer, the Location permission needs to be granted before the device can scan, discover, and communicate with Fable Hubs. More information is available here. Additionally, any user can use the location of the device if their custom Blockly/Python/JavaScript program uses the geolocation sensor. The location can only be reported if the permission is granted.
Storage – Fable Blockly requires this permission in order to save and load projects. It is also needed when playing custom sounds and saving plot images.
Microphone – Fable Blockly requires this permission when the user uses the “sound level” feature of the app. This feature reports back the loudness around the device by using its microphone.
Camera – Fable Blockly requires this permission for all of its camera features – taking pictures, detecting colors and motion, etc.