Boost your students teaching with STEAM technology
Solve real-world problems The STEAM Lab gives the students experience with solving real-life problems thru technologies
Develop 21st century skills Develop skills such as innovation, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity
Grow digital literacy Teaching children to navigate in a digital world is crucial to help them succeed in life
Designed for education The STEAM Lab products has been carefully selected for their educational value and durability
Excellent educational content Ready-to-teach content that integrates the educational technologies to an excellent learning experience
Open & inspiring learning space New ways to learn that fosters a student-centric educational process thru engaging, hands-on learning
Turn-key solutions We build and install tailormade solutions, ready to use from day one
Trusted by schools Shape Robotics have experience in deliveing outstanding STEAM Labs and educational robots all over the world
Build on experience Our educational consultants are STEAM experts and are ready to help you implement the perfect STEAM Lab for your school
STEAM Lab Case
Constantin Stere, Romania
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