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Shape Robotics Hits the Big Leagues: Joins Nasdaq Copenhagen Main Market

Big news, tech fans, and market watchers! Today’s the day Shape Robotics (ticker: SHAPE) steps up to the major league as we hit the trading floor on the Nasdaq Copenhagen main market. That’s right, we’ve graduated from the Nasdaq First North Growth Market where we’ve been making waves since 2020. Now, we’re the 28th tech titan to join the elite Nasdaq Nordic markets* – and we’re just getting started.

From Vision to Victory: Back in 2016, a bunch of dreamer engineers in Denmark started something special. They wanted to break down the walls between kids and the tech of tomorrow. Fast forward to today, and Shape Robotics is leading the pack with our game-changing robot Fable and the amazing STEAMLabs. These aren’t just products; they’re our flagbearers in the sprint towards a smarter EdTech future.

A Word from the Captain: Our CEO, André Fehrn, is pretty stoked: “The climb from Nasdaq First North Growth Market to the main stage at Nasdaq Copenhagen has been an epic adventure. It’s been a ride full of challenges, but man, the milestones we’ve hit! Breaking into Romania was huge, and our global partnerships? Game-changers. We’re here to make sure that every kid, no matter where they’re from, gets to grip with the tech that’ll shape their tomorrows. We’re building a smarter, more competitive future, one STEAMLab at a time.”

High-Fives from Nasdaq: Over at Nasdaq Copenhagen, they’re rolling out the red carpet. Carsten Borring, the Head of Listings, is all about the welcome: “We’re thrilled to have Shape Robotics join the main market crew. They’ve been part of our Nasdaq family since 2020 and have knocked it out of the park. We can’t wait to see where their success story goes from here. Did you know they’re the 126th company to leap from the First North to our main market since ’05? That’s what we call moving on up!”

What’s the Buzz? In a nutshell, Shape Robotics is not just changing the game; we’re writing the rulebook for the next gen of tech whizzes. And now, as we take our spot on the Nasdaq Copenhagen main market, we’re not just a company to watch; we’re the ones setting the pace.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks. Shape Robotics is on the move, and there’s no telling what we’ll do next. For more hot-off-the-press updates, stay glued to our blog.