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Meet Fable

It’s never been easier to build advanced robots - and never more fun.

Fable is a modular construction set that anyone can use to build their own robot in just a few minutes. You can click the different modules together in no end of different ways to make your robot’s body, and give it senses and movement. Depending on your experience, you can program the robot with simple-to-use or professional tools. In just one lesson. And with pupils from 8 to 18 years old.

From idea to robot in no time

Ideas can be tested very quickly because a robot can be assembled and dismantled in less than a minute.

No end of possibilities

You can click the different modules together in innumerable different ways and build countless different robots.

A complete learning tool

Fable comes with robot modules, programming tools and teaching materials adapted to common goals.

User friendly

The system is simple enough to be used by 8 year olds, challenging enough for 16 year olds, and flexible enough for high school and further education.

What can you build?

Robot Pet


Laser arm

Walking Robot


Working with Fable gave my pupils stronger competences in robots, programming and innovation.

Michael Fynsk
Antvorskov Primary School


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With Fable, I saw that pupils could independently even set rather difficult problems for themselves, which they were much more motivated to deal with.


Héðinn Björnsson
H.C. Ørsted High School

Wireless programming

Robot programming is wireless so when you are coding you can run your code with the press of a button.

Monitor progress

Keep track on what students are learning and focus on the ones who need your attention the most.


Progress between various levels of programming from graphical to textual.

Tablet & PC

Program and control your creations using a Tablet or PC.

Creative Thinking

Fable allows kids to materialize their ideas in no time and put them to the test.

Save money

Schools can use Fable to teach various topics in various school grades. From 2nd grade to high school.

Save Time

Cut down on the workload by getting our ready to use educational material.

Share your work

With our online platform teachers and students can share their work and monitor their impact.

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