Meet Fable – designed for education

The Fable robot makes it fun and easy to teach 21st century skills and STEM

Fable is a modular construction set that students can use to create their own robot in just a few minutes. Students can click the different modules together in no end of different ways to build their robot’s body, and give it senses and movement.

Depending on their experience level, the students can program the robot with visual blocks (Blockly) or a text language (Python). Within just one lesson, the students can work with innovation to solve real-world problems. Fable is appropriate for primary (9+), secondary and higher education.

Free 30-day Trial

Our Fable trial set is a perfect intro to the best programmable robot for schools. With the Fable educational robot kits, you can teach programming, robotics and innovation in middle school, secondary schools, even at university level. 

All educators can loan a Fable Standard Set for 30 days, without any deposit or binding. 

Contents of the Fable Standard Set:

2 x Joint module with two strong servo motors
2 x Dongle for wireless programming
2 x Lego connector module
2 x 4XY building module
2 x Connector module for 3D-printed parts
2 x Laser pointer
2 x Box with base stand
2 x USB charger
1 x Smartphone holder (for The Fable Face App)
Free access to our online learning platform
Telephone support all weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM (GMT+1)

Current FreeTrial campaign countries include: Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom. For Denmark, please see our Danish page. If your country is not on the list, please visit our webshop to order an evaluation set.

What can you build?

Robot Pet


Laser arm

Walking Robot


We ordered the trial Fable kit to see how easy it would be to include it into our curriculum. We had been wanting to find a way to start robotics with our Y7 and 8ʼs and Fable appealed to us.
We were thrilled when it arrived and we found it easy to get started. It was really well made and easy to put together. We also loved the blocky editor and found it easy to navigate round. It complimented the other work on blockly we had been doing. We set it up and got a few pupils to try it out.
They got Fable to monitor movement, then wave and smile .The best thing though was the discussion between the pupils. The problem solving and thinking skills was a joy to witness.
We loved it so much we ordered a class set and havenʼt looked back.

With Fable, I saw that pupils could independently even set rather difficult problems for themselves, which they were much more motivated to deal with.


Héðinn Björnsson
H.C. Ørsted High School

Wireless programming

Robot programming is wireless so when you are coding you can run your code with the press of a button.

Monitor progress

Keep track on what students are learning and focus on the ones who need your attention the most.


Progress between various levels of programming from graphical to textual.

Tablet & PC

Program and control your creations using a Tablet or PC.

Creative Thinking

Fable allows kids to materialize their ideas in no time and put them to the test.

Save money

Schools can use Fable to teach various topics in various school grades. From 2nd grade to high school.

Save Time

Cut down on the workload by getting our ready to use educational material.

Share your work

With our online platform teachers and students can share their work and monitor their impact.

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