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Shape Robotics and DRRM Unite to Ignite Learning with New STEAM Lab in Moldova

Hey there, STEAM enthusiasts! We’ve got some amazing news to share. Shape Robotics, hand-in-hand with the Department for Relation with the Republic of Moldova (DRRM), is super excited to unveil an incredible STEAM laboratory at “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University. This isn’t just a room full of gadgets; it’s a game-changer in how we educate our future educators.

A Space Where Creativity Meets Technology: Valued at a cool 77,380 euros, this STEAM lab is all about breaking down barriers and making sure everyone gets a chance to play with some seriously cool tech. Think 3D printers that bring ideas to life, virtual reality that takes you places you’ve never been, and robots that could be your new best friends. This lab is decked out with all the bells and whistles to help over 6,000 students and staff get a taste of tomorrow’s teaching tools.

Grand Opening with a Dash of Diplomacy: The ribbon-cutting was a who’s who of Moldova and Romania’s finest. We’re talking big names like Adrian Dupu from DRRM, Moldova’s Education Minister Dan Perciun, the Romanian Ambassador to Moldova, and the Deputy Director of USAID Moldova. Our very own André Reinhard Fehrn was there, too, along with UPSC’s Rector, witnessing the pure joy as people got hands-on with the future of education.

A Laboratory That’s More Than Just Tech: Adrian Dupu put it best: “This lab is our promise in action. A promise for top-notch education that’s up to European standards.” It’s the start of something big – a pilot project that’s going to inspire educators and students for years to come.

André Reinhard Fehrn, our CEO, spelled out the dream: “We’re not just dropping off some tech and calling it a day. We’re kick-starting a digital revolution right here in Moldova. This is about making sure everyone gets a fair go at learning, with tech that’s not just for the few, but for everyone.”

Kicking Off Crucial Conversations: The fun didn’t stop at the inauguration. We dove right into the “Impact of Digitalization on the Educational Process” conference. It was a chance for minds to meet and chat about how we can keep education ahead of the digital curve. This is the kind of talk that gets us fired up about the future of learning.

What’s Next? We’re all in on Moldova’s journey to educational greatness, making sure the next generation is prepped for a tech-savvy future. We’re not just filling rooms with tech; we’re fueling the minds that will shape the world. Stay tuned – the best is yet to come!

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