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Shape Robotics prepares the world for a future where innovation combined with coding and robotics is crucial for social development. Inspiring teaching with robots and technology helps prepare students for a changing future, where digital technologies, artificial intelligence and automation increasingly characterise family and working life.

Shape Robotics is a publicly listed growth company within EdTech that provides schools with excellent classroom technology for STEAM Education. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. We have built a strong position in the global EdTech market in just a few years and aims to be established in all countries’ school systems by 2030. We develop our own educational robots, such as Fable Go and Fable Explore, which are easy to program for children age 8 or 9 years old and up, using our Fable Blockly software. And then we deliver various configurations of technology for makerspaces and STEAM labs in schools and high schools.

Teachers use our products to engage children in STEAM education, so the students are better equipped for the job markets of tomorrow. Solid STEAM education from an early age is crucial to developing an innovative mindset and to obtain the necessary skills for navigating in the future.

To ensure the best and most efficient use of the technology we offer, we also create educational material ready-made for the teachers’ use in the classrooms. Meaning powerpoints, videos, sample program files, along with getting started manuals, etc. This can be found on our TeacherZone platform, so that the preparation time for the teachers is kept on a minimum.

Fable for STEAM teaching was the first product the company developed. Fable is a modular robot that students can build in seconds. Students can encode Fable depending on their experience – from simple block programming to coding in the advanced Python language. Fable includes a wide range of teaching materials developed by teachers for teachers. Thousands of Fable robots are currently used in classrooms around the world.

Technology rooms for teaching are being implemented these years in many schools around the world. With the acquisition of a distributor, Shape Robotics also started offering schools complete technology rooms for their STEAM teaching. A RobotLab, SmartLab or TechLab from Shape Robotics includes Fable Robots, Virtual Reality Headsets, 3D Printers, and it’s all uniquely bound together by integrated learning material. So far, Shape Robotics has implemented several technology rooms and expects to deploy thousands in the coming years.

If you have questions about our products, please contact our team of education consultants.

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