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Why is my Fable Hub not found/connected?

Symptoms: Fable Hub is not detected by the computer/software. The issue can be confirmed by inspecting the status window in the PC software.

Possible issues and suggested solutions:

You are running Fable Blockly on an iPad or Chromebook â€“ check the “My device is unable to find a Fable Hub when searching (Fable Face, Fable Blockly on Chromebook / iPad)” topic in the FAQ.

Hub is frozen â€“ plug out the Hub from the USB port and plug it back in.

Port is frozen â€“ restart the computer.

Hub disabled by operating system â€“ check the “How to enable a disabled Hub?” topic in the FAQ.

Operating system is not supported â€“ check list of supported OS.

Driver not installed (Windows 7 & 8) â€“ install driver and inspect Device Manager to verify. See How to install the Fable Hub driver? (Windows 7 & 8).

USB Cable broken â€“ replace cable.

Hub is broken â€“ contact us at support@shaperobotics.com for assistance.