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Unlocking the potential of every student by seamlessly integrating traditional core subjects with the latest in technological innovation.

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Enabling educators to excel in their use of innovative tools through our comprehensive textual and video resources, facilitating seamless integration into both traditional and STEAM classes for enhanced learning outcomes.

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Education Alliance Finland provides a product evaluation & certification service based on global quality standards for learning solutions. The Standard allows for evaluating the strengths and development areas of the product through the assessment of three focus areas:
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Useful resources for your school

Fable streamlines solving real-world issues, honing key future job skills.

Robotics Handbook
36 lessons for a SMART lab

A treasure trove of 36 multidisciplinary lessons. Dive into an enriching journey filled with innovative tools and captivating exercises, designed to explore humanistic and realistic subjects, fostering creativity and critical thinking in learners.

Coding Library
Learn to code in no time

Dive into a treasure trove of 100 ready-to-use code snippets, perfect for crafting versatile lessons and conducting fascinating experiments that bring coding concepts to life in the classroom.


A complete ecosystem to fulfill all your needs

The easiest & smartest way to impact and develop future generations trough STEAM creative learning.

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We develop personalized education experiences, preparing the young generation for upcoming job markets and opportunities through smart technology.











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Embark on a journey of content creation and be a catalyst for educational transformation. Join our platform to harness the power of smart technology, while connecting with like-minded educators worldwide to share ideas, inspire innovation, and elevate learning experiences for all.

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    As education transforms, we're innovating through new tools & skill development to customize content for expedited, explorative learning.

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