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FABLE is an essential robot for hands-on learning, perfect for bringing programming and technology to life. Quickly put your robot together in just seconds and discover the power of tech in various fields. It’s straightforward and impactful.

With FABLE, you get to actively shape your future by engaging with real-world problems through Project-Based Learning (PBL) and STEAM education. This robot is not just about learning to code; it’s a key tool that shows how technology can be applied in many areas. Explore the exciting world of tech with FABLE, the educational robot that bridges the gap between learning and doing, making STEAM concepts accessible and applicable.

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What makes
fable so special?

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Quick assembly in seconds

Suitable for all subjects

Applicable across all academic levels

Compatible with many other robots

Expandable with 3D-printed accessories

Adaptable to endless real-world simulation projects

Safe to use.
Easy to assemble.
Versatile across subjects.
Makes learning fun.
Infinite project possibilities.
Fable Components

Build your fable root
in seconds
& learn continuously

Snap, create, imagine: Fable's magnetic modules make assembly simple and possibilities infinite.

Fable Joint

Fable Spin

Fable Hub

Pen Holder

USB Cables

4xy Module

2x Module

Fable Fork


Fable Flex
Phone Holder

Phone Holder

Foaam Ball

Vall Stand

Fable Spin
Wheel Set

Spin Plow

Fable Stand

who is it for

Made for everyone. All ages, all classes.

From Math to Art, and every level, from kindergarten to senior year, Fable stands out. Its modularity, versatile programming capabilities, and expandability with 3D-printed accessories cater to the diverse needs of every classroom.

Elementary School

FABLE is the most advanced modular educational robot for smart and immersive activities.

High schools

FABLE is the most advanced modular educational robot for smart and immersive activities.


FABLE is the most advanced modular educational robot for smart and immersive activities.

Hobbies & Clubs

FABLE is the most advanced modular educational robot for smart and immersive activities.


It's more than just a robot

Fable streamlines solving real-world issues, honing key future job skills.

Fable Blockly
Educational coding
for all levels

Fable Blockly simplifies learning to code by combining Blockly's visual block-based programming with automatic Python translations. Fable Blockly turns coding into a playful experience. Users visually assemble code blocks to control animations or solve puzzles, seeing their block arrangements instantly reflected in Python. This method not only makes programming approachable but also bridges the gap between visual coding and text-based programming, nurturing problem-solving skills and computational thinking in an engaging, user-friendly environment.

Fable Face
Bring emotions to your Fable Robot

Fable Face, available on Android and iOS, enriches Fable robots with customizable facial features and expressions. Through an intuitive interface, users can modify eye color, expressions, and more, personalizing their robots for a unique experience. This app fosters a deeper connection between users and Fable robots, transforming them into more engaging and relatable companions. Fable Face blends technology with creativity, enhancing the interaction with robotics.

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Optimal for hands-on activities, coding, and STEAM education. Exceptional support for all teachers.

    tailor-made on your needs

    Fable Packages

    Explore a world of infinite science and experiments in Fable's compact, green packages—where every unboxing sparks curiosity!

    explore 2.5

    Fable Explore 2.5 is a versatile STEAM robotics kit for all academic levels, enhancing education across subjects with its easy-to-assemble magnetic robot arm and precise servo motors. It supports Blockly and Python, offers Bluetooth, 3D printing, and LEGO compatibility, and includes interactive dual-screen software.

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    go 2.5

    Fable Go 2.5 is a versatile STEAM robotics kit for all ages, adaptable to any subject. It features modules for building mobile robots capable of tasks like soccer and ploughing, with accessories including a Spin module, sensors, and more. Suitable for beginners to advanced coders with Blockly and Python support, its magnetic system and dual-screen software promote easy assembly and interactive learning.

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    FABLE is the most advanced modular educational robot for smart and immersive activities. Build your robot in seconds and learn how technology can help you in the future. That simple.

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