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A "must have" educationale ed-tech ecosystem for every institution

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Tailor-made solutions

Designed for diversity, our smart classrooms cater to your specific educational requirements and varied academic levels, blending innovation with your academic goals.

The main components of the ed-tech ecosystem

Create the perfect smart classroom


Interactive displays generate high-quality presentations of materials, enhancing learning effectiveness and engagement.

The robot

Fable robot enables hands-on learning, encouraging students to interact with robotics in an intuitive way, nurturing creativity and problem-solving abilities.


VR headsets deliver an immersive learning experience, allowing users to engage with virtual environments and enhance critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills.

AV Conference solution

AV Conference solution facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, connecting teachers and students regardless of location for efficient and productive lessons.

3D Printer

3D printers provide hands-on experience in creating three-dimensional objects, fostering innovation and design thinking.

3D Scanner

3D scanners- users can capture real-world objects and transform them into digital models, unlocking endless possibilities for creativity and exploration.

3D Pen

3D pens offer a tangible way to bring ideas to life, allowing users to sketch and sculpt in three dimensions, promoting spatial awareness and artistic expression.

Vertical Garden

Vertical garden solution brings nature into indoor spaces, promoting sustainability and well-being while offering hands-on learning opportunities in gardening and environmental science.


Computers serve as versatile tools for accessing information, conducting research, and completing various tasks efficiently, empowering users to explore, create, and innovate across a wide range of fields.
Every school's must-have

Why every educational institution needs a smart classroom?

Safe Ed-Tech Ecosystem

Data protection, controlled access, secure platforms, and safe digital resources—all in one place.

Remote Learning

Our educational consultants are STEAM experts and are ready to help you implement the perfect STEAM Lab for your school.

Integrated Solutions

Hardware and software working together make different technologies and tools run smoothly, making teaching and learning better.

Future-Ready Skills

New ways to learn that fosters a student-centric educational process through engaging, hands-on learning.

Inclusive Education

Our educational consultants are STEAM experts and are ready to help you implement the perfect STEAM Lab for your school.

EU-Compliant tailored content

With content aligned to EU trends, Smart Classrooms supports teachers in delivering interactive lessons that prepare students for future jobs opportunities.

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A complete ecosystem to fulfil all your needs

The easiest & smartest way to impact and develop future generations trough STEAM creative learning.

learn from the best

Top educational trainings with our Techducators

We train educators to master tech-infused teaching, shaping tomorrow's workforce with vital skills for the evolving job landscape.

01 Theory

Explore theoretical insights into the history of high technology, the potential of technology, and innovative teaching methodologies.

02 Hands-on

Engage in practical activities to experiment with our innovative tools and even create new ones.

03 Simulations

Participate in role-playing to simulate real lessons, covering authentic subjects and following all the steps of a STEAM lesson.
learn from the best

Top educational trainings
with our Techducators

We train educators to master tech-infused teaching, shaping tomorrow's workforce with vital skills for the evolving job landscape.

Visit our Smart Classroom to experience our solutions firsthand

Visit us to see our complete EdTech system in action. Test our tools, join a demo lesson, and explore our platform's seamless functionality.

Bucharest Smart Classroom Caro

    Schedule an online meeting and take a remote tour of Smart Classroom

    With our state-of-the-art Audio-Video solution boasting tracking capabilities, stakeholders can seamlessly engage in remote tours of our Smart Classroom, ensuring optimal visual and auditory clarity for an immersive experience.

    Bucharest Smart Classroom Caro

      Make a wise choice

      What’s the difference between thinken & smart classroom

      Our solutions are crafted with an understanding of the realities faced by earnest educators and schools, tailored to overcome infrastructure challenges and reinforce their unwavering commitment to nurturing future-ready citizens.


      Thinken is a mobile cart on wheels designed for versatility and ease of movement within different spaces, ideal for schools looking for a flexible teaching tool.


      • Interactive Display
      • Fable Robotics Kits
      • VR headsets
      • Audio Video Solution
      • CatchBox microphone
      • Laptops
      • Built-in Charging Station
      • Built-in Thermostat
      • 3D Printers
      • 3D Scanner
      • 3D Pens
      • Furniture
      • Drones (optional)
      • Laser Cutters (optional)
      • Vertical Garden (optional)

      smart classroom

      SmartClassroom is a specific environment that is fully equipped with integrated smart technologies, creating a comprehensive and immersive educational experience.


      • Interactive Display
      • Robotics Kits
      • VR Headsets
      • Audio Video Solution
      • Portable Audio System
      • CatchBox microphone
      • Laptops or computer
      • Built-in Charging Station
      • Built-in Thermostat
      • 3D Printer
      • 3D Scanner
      • 3D Pen
      • Furniture
      • Drones (optional)
      • Laser Cutters (optional)
      • Vertical Garden (optional)

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      Partner with us to deliver innovative smart classroom solutions globally. Benefit from advanced technology, full support, and the chance to revolutionize education.

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          frequently asked questions

          Have questions about smart classrooms?


          How does SmartClassroom differ from Thinken?

          Thinken is a versatile mobile cart on wheels, perfect for dynamic educational settings that require mobility. On the other hand, the SmartClassroom is a designated area equipped with a suite of integrated smart technologies for a complete and immersive educational experience.


          How can I experience a demo or learn more about Shape Robotics’ Smart Classrooms?

          To experience a demo or for more information, please visit our website or reach out to our sales team. We are ready to demonstrate the transformative impact our Smart Classrooms can have on your learning environment.


          What does the installation of a Shape Robotics Smart Classroom involve?

          The installation process begins with an initial consultation to assess your needs, followed by a customized design phase. Our skilled professionals handle the installation efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your institution’s daily activities.


          What support does Shape Robotics offer for its Smart Classroom technology?

          Shape Robotics provides extensive teacher training and technical support to ensure your institution fully benefits from our Smart Classroom capabilities, with continuous help available for any technical issues or questions.


          Are Smart Classrooms capable of facilitating distance learning?

          Indeed, our Smart Classrooms come with sophisticated audio-video solutions that enable high-quality, interactive distance learning experiences comparable to in-person classes.


          What safety measures are in place for Smart Classroom technology?

          Safety is a top priority at Shape Robotics. We enforce stringent data protection and secure internet practices. Our age-appropriate technology and resources contribute to a secure educational technology ecosystem.


          Can Smart Classrooms be customized?

          Certainly. Our Smart Classrooms are customized to the distinct needs and educational levels of your institution, ensuring they align perfectly with your educational objectives.


          How do Smart Classrooms enhance learning outcomes?

          Smart Classrooms by Shape Robotics promote interactive and collaborative learning with high-tech solutions that offer real-time feedback and personalized instruction. This hands-on approach significantly boosts student involvement and achievement.


          What defines a Shape Robotics Smart Classroom?

          Shape Robotics’ Smart Classroom is a dynamic learning space enhanced with the latest technology such as interactive whiteboards, robotics kits, virtual reality (VR) solutions, 3D printers, 3D scanners, and integrated software, all designed to elevate the educational experience.

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          Expand your ed-tech lineup with our products, emphasizing creativity, inclusivity, and essential skills for tomorrow's careers.

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          As education transforms, we're innovating through new tools & skill development to customize content for expedited, explorative learning.

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