Educational modular robots for STEAM learning

A 21st-century educational tool created to support teachers in all subjects and classes.

Fable is a modular robotics system which teaches students to solve real-world problems
Teacher Friendly Simple and quick setup makes teaching proceed immediately, supporting teachers to deliver Coding, STEAM and Math lessons.
Breaking Boundries Fable encourages project work across traditional subject boundaries and grade levels. The robot motivates students to push their limits and try again and again until they succeed.
Modular & Magnetic The robust modules are easily connected with one click and designed to withstand everyday life in schools.
Classroom Management The Fable robots are quick to build. They can be build in seconds and after the lesson is done, everything can be put away and stored quickly.
Motivate students to build self-confidence and embrace 21st century skills with STEAM technologies
Students can build a robot in seconds and start programming in minutes
Fable grows with the students – and vice versa
Get started to create inspiring, creative and mesmerizing lessons
Stay updated on what's going on at the forefront of educational technology